Student Housing Rules


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No alcohol is permitted to be stored or consumed in within the accommodation areas. Such offence would lead to disciplinary action.


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Every resident has the right to a safe, private, secure and comfortable living environment. It is expected that residents will display considerate and respectful behavior to others. Residents are not to engage in any dangerous or antisocial or racist behavior. Please conform to the Bruneian custom anywhere within the residential area. Fighting is not allowed within the accommodation area.

Bottles / Glass

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Care should be taken to ensure that residents and staff are not injured by broken glass. Do not throw broken glass directly into bins. Wrap pieces of glass in several layers of newspapers or paper and place in a separate container / bag, which can then be put into a bin.


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Residents are responsible for maintaining a standard of cleanliness in their rooms and common rooms. A penalty will be imposed for excessively dirty and unhygienic rooms.

Extensions/ Plugs

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Strictly no cable running on the floor and from room to room. A plug must be wired in the correct manner and incorporate fuses of the correct settings. A plug must supply one piece of equipment and must not exceed 13amps a total load on wall socket. In case of emergency or power trip, please make sure a direct report to the security and The Management to fix the problem. Any unreported incidence The Management will not be responsible for any injuries.
Unauthorized use of electrical appliances in the accommodation resulting in damage such as fire outbreak shall be compensated by the resident / guardian and the offender will bear the criminal liability.


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For safety reasons, residents are not allowed to climb or sit on balcony railings. Towels, hammocks and personal laundry are not permitted on balconies. Climbing over fences to get in and out of the accommodation areas are strictly prohibited.


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No portable electric heaters or other appliances with a heating element are permitted.
1. Approved items for all residents

a. Hair dryer
b. Iron
c. Personal computer / Laptop
d. Alarm clock
e. Table / Stand fan

2. Disapproved items in the bed room

a. Fridge
b. Washing Machine
c. Oven
d. Microwave
e. Electric Kettle
f. Toaster
g. Portable Air-condition
h. Electric Stove
i. Coffee Maker

Candles / Incense

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Naked flames of any kind including candles, incense, oil burners or sparklers are not permitted in any area of residences.


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The use, possession or dealing of illegal or non-prescribed drugs is strictly prohibited. The matter may also be referred to the police. Such offence would lead to termination of tenancy and disciplinary action.

Damage and Vandalism

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The resident is responsible for damage and is liable for the cost of repairs. Residents are also liable for damage caused by any visitor. Management will determine the cost of repairs and undertake the work required. Such offence would lead to disciplinary action.
Where damage to common areas (including common rooms, bathroom, hallways, walls, windows, etc.) cannot be attributed to an individual, all occupants of that floor / corridor may be charged a portion that is considered fair and reasonable according to the management. Any costs for repair work will be directly charged to the resident’s student account.

Animals / Pets

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No pets of any nature may be kept within the accommodation. If a pet is found to be in residence, it will need to be removed immediately.


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All bicycles are to be kept in the provided bike racks. Bikes are not to be kept in rooms, stairwells, walkways, laundry rooms or common rooms.

Decoration of Rooms

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Permission must be sought from Resident Assistant or your RESCO Block Captain before decorating shared areas.

Common Areas

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Each of the residences has common areas which are accessible for all residents. When residents fail to maintain the required standard of cleanliness in these areas, a penalty may be imposed on students with access to these areas for extra cleaning.

Fire Safety

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Any resident found to have tampered with fire safety equipment will be subject to disciplinary action and will be liable for the cost of repair / replacement of equipment.
The resident responsible for any fire alarm call-out shall be liable for the cost and in cases where no individual is identified. The Management reserves the right to divide the cost between all residents of the area concerned. It is the responsibility of each resident to ensure they do not contribute to false fire alarms through negligent behavior.

General Information

ATM Services

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The ATM Services currently located at The Core building caters to TAIB, Baiduri and BIBD customers.

Laundry Facilities

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Each of the residential buildings has their own laundry facilities equipped with washing machines, dryers and sinks. You will need to provide your own detergent. In consideration for others, please remove your clothes from the washing machines and dryers as soon as possible. You should also be aware that theft of clothes may occur from time to time and take steps to minimize the potential of this occurring. The management is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


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Please fill in the online form for any maintenance issues. Visit our website and click support for online Forms. If a maintenance staff has found that a resident has deliberately damaged an item or fixture within the room then he or she will be charge accordingly.

Room Keys

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Resident are expected to be solely responsible for their own keys and are not allowed to lend the keys to anybody under any circumstances. Residents are also not allowed to make any duplication of the keys. The misuse of accommodation keys will lead to eviction from the accommodation.
Should there be any damage/ loss keys, the residents should immediately report to the management. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action being taken. BND 60.00 will be charge for processing of the new keys.


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Cleaning of your communal area is conducted weekly for your convenience and to maintain Student Housing property. Ensure you wash your own crockery and cutlery. The housekeeper are not responsible for the cleaning of your personal items.
When housekeepers arrive at your door, they are there to commence cleaning your communal area. The housekeepers maintain a cleaning schedule and will not back track to suit your time frame.
Dispose of your rubbish in the wheelie bins which are placed near the buildings for your convenience. These bins are emptied daily, so please make use of them. Rubbish left in your room attracts vermin. If personal items are left on the Sofa, the housekeepers will not handle these items.

Lock Outs

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Please call your RAs or the security for accidental lock outs. BND 20.00 penalty will be imposed on the residents that forgot their keys and would like to borrow the key from office by filling in a form, and due to whatever reasons at any one time. The borrowed key must be returned to the Front Desk within 3 days whereby failure to do so will lead to penalty of BND 60.00 to be imposed.


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Parking is available at the residential area. Residents who park their motorcycles/ bicycles in the campus will do so at their own risk. The management will not be held responsible for any lost/damage incurred by the Resident.
Motorcycles are to be park at the parking lot, and bicycles by the respective space provided.

Room Move

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Resident who wish to move to another room is required to approach the Front Desk and request for room move with valid reasons. Invalid reasons to move to another room will not be entertained.

Internet Access

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For Hostels

1. Select ‘WiFi@UBD’ from available networks
2. Enter your Student IT account login details
3. Username: Student ID
4. Password: Student ID account password
5. If prompted, Accept / Trust not verified certificate

For The Core the WI-FI is $10.00 monthly.


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Incoming mail for residential students should be addressed as:

Your Name,
Room Number
The Core Residential College
UBD Corporation Sdn Bhd
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong BE1410

You can collect your mail at Front Desk Under “Mail Tray”.

Resident Assistant

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UBD Corp have male and female Resident Assistants who have been employed to assist the management. They are responsible for handling late arrivals/ departures and assisting with any urgent matters from residents. They are entrusted to be responsible for the whole property of The Core Residential College after office hours.
Although they might not be at the reception desk, they are a handy source of information and can provide you with a vital link between students and UBD Corp team. They also hold drop-in sessions for anyone who might wish to discuss a problem or just want a chat.


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The Rimba Point is the closest major convenient shop with easy transport access via our shuttle service. Standard business hours for shops are usually 10am – 10pm on weekdays.