About Us

UBD Corporation Sdn Bhd (UBD Corp) is University Brunei Darussalam’s corporate arm.

We were established in March 2011, in which it was the University initiative towards promoting commercialization and instilling entrepreneurial values, aligned with the University’s effort to provide cost effective aides in government expenditure.

We were mandated to manage the university’s property with an aim for sustainable competitive advantage, UBD Corp maintains several facilities in campus.

We mainly focus on the UBD Residential College and the Core Residential Apartments.

UBD Corp provides accommodation to more than one thousand students coming from both local and countries all over the world such as Asean countries, Middle East, Europe and others.

UBD Corp has been in the hospitality industry for more than 5 years and we have been focusing mainly on accommodation. We have some few projects in place to upgrade our facilities in years to come.

Our Property

Our Core Values

Room Breakdown

The Core Residential College: 440 Individual Rooms

Male Residential College: 243 Individual Rooms

Female Residential College: 461 Individual Rooms

M4 Family Quarter: 14 Family Units

Visitor Lounge Quarter (VLQ): 19 Family Units

Iber: 8 Family Units

Executive House: 4 Family Units


Project M3F5

After standing for over 20 years, it is for the best to invest in upgrading our Hostel Blocks. A project to fully refurbish the interior of 2 of the Hostel Blocks (One male, one female block). We aim to give this new refurbish Blocks a modern style interior, 150% better than the current Hostel conditions.